RvaluE Consulting Pvt Ltd

Transformation Framework

  • Overview

  • Shape: the strategy
    and direction

  • Execute: the design
    and plan

  • Transform: the process
    and partnership

We at RvaluE have been working with organiza-tions across various domains to adopt SSC as a strategy to redesign the processes and transform the function to enable the Business.

With years of global experience, we bring in the required hands-on expertise for you to Realize Business Value. We adopt a SETâ„¢ framework:


Shape; Execute; Transform - starting with de-signing the strategy to transition to stabilization, and leading to Service & Business Excellence.


During this stage, the RvaluE Team will establish the need for Shared Services and the directionalalignment required to progressively transform the function.
With the help of the senior leadership team, the elements of the strategy focused are to:

  • Assess indicative functions, processes and head count,
  • Understand technology platform and requirement of tools,
  • Determine the Mix of make vs buy, and
  • Evolve governance and change management requirements

The above elements will enable to create a strategic blue print with an executable roadmap and applicable business case to gain sponsorship and stakeholder buy-in, to progress with execution.

Execution Excellence is key for this stage. Based on the strategic blueprint, through a structured program and change management:

  • Design process transition of identified functions/processes,
  • Set up space and infrastructure for the Shared Services
  • Enable work flow automation and knowledge transfer to the team on process, metrics and service orientation
  • Create a flat organization design with the right span of control to achieve desired cost saves, and
  • Transition and stabilize the operations.

The Shared Services Center is operational, delivers services to customers and achieves cost save of ~ 20% in the first year.

Business Excellence is achieved in this stage. The focus is to:

  • Report and improve service levels through reliable metrics,
  • Standardize and streamline processes, and embed controls
  • Enhance capabilities and expertise of the team to expand functions and services,
  • Explore hybrid models for effective delivery,
  • Build partnership with customers to participate in projects, and
  • Deliver value to all key stakeholders.

Simply put, grow the Shared Services to transform the business process and become an extension of the customer’s business.